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When we make the decision to get back in shape and lose weight, we immediately think of doing physical exercises and we tend to focus on the number on the scale that does not drop! Do not panic !!! It's a totally normal phenomenon and today, I'm explaining everything to help you understand the difference between a kilo of muscle and a kilo of fat!


Here is an approximate example of 1 kilo of muscle and 1 kilo of fat

Muscle vs fat
Muscle vs fat

First of all, you should know that the human body has more than 600 muscles, all made up mainly of water and protein, a ratio of about 80/20 in percentage. Fat cells (adipocytes), unlike muscles, are very low in water and contain 0% protein. However, 1kg of fat and 1kg of muscle correspond to 1kg on the scale. In short, a kilo remains a kilo! However, there is indeed a difference between the two since the density is very different.


It must therefore be understood that even if these two type of human tissue weigh the same, one is still more voluminous than the other. Thinking of a ton of feathers versus a ton of lead, you will have a much larger quantity of feathers to arrive at a ton and very little lead for the same weight, it's the same thing. So! Fat is more important than muscle. Therefore, it appears larger than a kilo of muscle. For its part, the muscle has a small appearance thanks to its greater density, so it occupies less space since it has a smaller volume. What you need to know is that muscle is 2 to 3 times denser than fat, so it takes up 2 to 3 times less space.

This therefore explains why two people weighing the same weight but not having the same percentage of muscle and fat tissue will not have the same figure. The one with more muscle mass will have a significantly leaner physique than the person with a higher fat percentage.


Besides a leaner figure, one of the other benefits of having more muscle mass is that muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, your metabolism is faster when you have more muscle mass. Why? Because, the muscle needs to consume calories in order to function. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn even just by sitting! Be sure to add weight training sessions to your sporting activity.

Above all, stop focusing only on the number on the scale, the most interesting thing is to know your body composition! Because if you have lost 2 kilos of fat and gained 2 kilos of muscle, you will have the impression of having lost nothing but in the end you will have actually lost the equivalent of 4 kilos of fat.

So, ladies, you should not be afraid of being too muscular because in second place on the victory towards slimming, muscle mass is one of the most important immediately after diet.

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